Craftsman’s Statement:

I see the spiral and the sphere in all organic things. Where there is water, there is the tendency towards the sphere. The spiral is produced by a spinning planet. I see the temperatures shifts in color and aerial perspectives that register as depth. I seek to bring these things together to described a 3-dimensional idea in a 2-dimensional plane. This was one the earliest definitions of Art.

A painting can express without use of words, transcending all language barriers. The viewer can only have an individual experience. It may be a similar interpretation to someone standing next to them, yet over time the meaning transcends to a new era and person. If the concept is adaptable, the work may survive longer.

As the quality of materials and construction of an item increases, so does its durability and potential value over time. I go to great lengths to purify my materials, producing clarified linseed oils, varnishes, glues, waxes, pigments, and working surfaces. Comprehending materials and how to use each, by their nature, is critical to longevity.

Long term goals:
Discover and fully understand the past knowledges of my craft, bringing those items into my “now” and use all to communicate with those beyond my lifetime.

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Hipbone Studio has been an important part of my life since 1996.

The first time that I took Jeff Burke’s “Field Guide to the Figure” course began a major transition in the way that I approach and perceive my world. Jeff’s instruction style placed more information into my mind in the first class, than I had achieved in over 2000 hours of working time with live models at Universities and Atelier style figure studios. In those earlier days, Jeff also taught portrait and figure sculpture and I also took those courses which enabled me to understand and describe mass and volumes more effectively. I took the “Field Guide to the Figure” course a second time and gained even more knowledge/awareness.

Jeff Burke has been an enabling force in my ability to perceive my world, artistically and personally.

Todd Leninger- October of 2012

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