Model Marathon #77

9 Models-9 Hours

Sunday, May 19th, 10am-7pm
Cost – $50 all day, $30 for your choice of a 4 hour block. Registration required, or call 503-358-0898

Treat yourself to a full day of drawing the most expressive form on Earth, the Human Figure. Each model will be changing during the 10 minute break before the hour. Each performing a different schedule of poses. Variety is the issue here: variety of models, 6 female 3 male. Variety of poses, about 70-80 of them, longer and shorter, altogether containing a variety of expression. Bring a variety of media to play with. And snacks, don’t forget snacks or leave for a bit and come back to your guaranteed spot.
There will be a model list provided on line by mid-April. At the end of the day you will feel exhausted and elated to have communed with such variety of human being in form.

Marathon Model Schedule
10am –Kaitlyn (15 min. gestures, 3-5’s, 1-20)
11am – Austin (2-10’s, 1-30)
12pm – Jamesha (4-5’s, 1-30)
1pm –Gabrielle (1-50 min. pose)
2pm – Jeff (alternate between 2 poses every 5 min. for 50 min.)
3pm – Tisa (10 min. gestures, 2-5’s, 1-30)
4pm – Lulu (2-10’s, 1-30)
5pm – Adam (1-5, 1-15, 1-30)
6pm – Nicole (2-10’s, 1-30)