Art by James Wilson

Model Marathon #79

9 Models-9 Hours

Sunday, January 12th
Cost – $50 all day, $30/ 4 hour block, you choose. Email or call 503-358-0898 to get on the list.
Please send check payable to Jeff Burke before or pay cash day of event.
A great way to start the new year!
9 models will perform a variety of poses, shorter and longer, changing on the hour. There will be a 10 minute break before each hour to stretch, snack, come and go, restroom, etc.. Maybe it’s time to challenge yourself, push yourself to the extreme. Bring a variety of media and go a little nutty with experimentation. Enjoy the variety of form and expression the best models in the city bring to the model stand. You will be exhilarated!

Marathon Models
10am – Lulu (15 min. gestures, 3-5’s, 1-20)
11am – Jason (2-10’s, 1-30)
12pm – Otter (female) (4-5’s, 1-30)
1pm – Mirabelle (1-20, 1-30)
2pm – Jeff (alternate between two poses every 5 min.)
3pm – Brooke (1-50 min. pose)
4pm – Amber (10 min. gestures, 1-10, 1-30))
5pm – Noah ( 4-5’s, 1-30)
6pm – Isan (female) (2-10’s, 1-30)