Artist’s Statement

Art rocks.  Art rocks the very foundations of belief.  Art rocks the notions of form.  “This is a leg.” “Oh, really?”  I use art to see what is…not what I believe. Everyday I go into the studio, I explore this shape, this color, this sudden impulse. I notice the process of looking at something, the space between myself and the object, myself and the medium I am using.

Often the end result is something identifiable but I continue to question this representation, “when did belief creep in?”  The process is fascinating and completely consuming.  I use different mediums, charcoal, paint, plaster, ink to help me explore the interface between the mind, the body and the world I am inhabiting. And then, the exploration continues outside the studio, not assuming that “I know” somebody or something.  Such joy.  Art rocks!

Currently I am in the process of opening a gallery at the Jupiter Hotel.  It will focus on emerging artists from Portland and beyond as well as emerging collectors.  While the emphasis will be on artists who are developing their unique point of view, it will not be constrained to any one style.  The first show opens February 3.  Come see.

You can contact me at or take a look at my website: for more info.

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