Free Figure drawing Demos at Hipbone Studio

Sunday, September 16th 2 to 4 pm: Visualizing Figure Composition
As storytellers the most important task for an artists is to visualize the story we
want to tell in our minds and ultimately pictorially, with a single or many figures
included in one drawing. Ruben will demonstrate how the Elements of Art (line,
shape, value, texture, color) apply to structural figure drawing composition.
Sunday, September 23rd 2 to 4 pm: Gesture, Shape and Volume
The above three are the foundation of visually representing the make up of the
structure over the skeleton to personify bodily structure at rest or in action before
anatomical shapes are applied.
Sunday, September 30th 2 to 4 pm: How values depict FORM
Learning to see the total form and how values contribute to the total structural figure
composition of the anatomy in its totality.

For any questions or to reserve your seat to any of the demos, email or