Patrick Kernan

Patrick Kernan is an Oregon native who grew up in Eugene and attended the U of O. He majored in Art Education, but his main passion was printmaking, which he studied under the legendary LaVerne Krause. In 1978, he headed to NYC to seek his fortune.

In New York, he started out designing t-shirts, and eventually was able to build a freelance illustration and design business. His illustration clients included: The New York Times, Family Circle Magazine, Diversion Magazine and (ironically), MacUser Magazine (before he ever got his first computer).

In 1993 Patrick moved back to Portland with his wife and two little girls. In 1999 he took a staff position with an Interactive design agency, which eventually became known as Razorfish.

Patrick has been a regular at the Hipbone Saturday sessions since 2000.

In his own words:

“Hipbone is my sanctuary. Inside those walls I can leave behind all thoughts of deadlines and clients. I try to approach each session with no pre-conceived notion of where I want the drawings to go. Rather, I ask myself ‘What is unique about this model at this moment?’ and then let the drawing flow from within.”

View more of Patrick’s work.