Special Alert!

Cabin Fever epidemic thwarted by Hipbone Studio! There will be a drawing session on Saturday, 10am-1pm. And for an extra strong dose: There will be Model Marathon #70, Sunday, 10am-7pm. Still spots available!

Portland Story Tellers Guild Present: Ordinary and Extraordinary Heroes

Join Patrick Gannon, Edward Hershey and Eric Foxman for an evening of tales about men and women who have inspired the three of them – and who will inspire you, too. January th at 7:30. (Doors open at 7 PM)

The Field Guide to the Figure – Portrait, Hands and Feet

See better-draw better, that’s what Field Guide is all about. Knowing what to look for is fundamental to finding paths through the wilderness of visual info that is the Human Figure. Don’t get lost, find your way to soundly structured and well-proportioned drawings by simply getting to know its design. NEXT UP- Portrait, Hands and Feet View Schedule

Model Marathon #70

9 Models-9 Hours. Sunday, January 15th, 10am-7pm. Cost – $45 to register please email or call 503-358-0898
Draw from nine of Portland’s best models changing on the hour with a variety of poses alternating shorter and longer. Challenge yourself! Read More…


Hipbone Studio is a very flexible, very adaptable space for your theatrical production, musical event, rehearsal, class or workshop, photo shoot, seminar, etc..

  • 1700 sq.ft., large open rectangular hardwood floor, 34’x 50′
  • High ceiling, Great acoustics
  • Skylights and windows (covered for theatrical lighting requirements)
  • Lights and sound for performance
  • Seating for 80, Maximum-100
  • EXCELLENT LOCATION, Close-in, 1847 E. Burnside St., #104
  • Busline stops at the corner, #20
  • Wheelchair accessible

Reasonable Rates, $25-$100/hr. depending on time, frequency and type of use.

Show Rates: $275 per performance (5 hours rental time-$55/hour for extra)

Photo by Russell Young

Contact Jeff Burke, director, at 503-358-0898

Or email, hipbonejeff@hotmail.com