Hipbone Alert!

There will be no regular drawing sessions on three upcoming Sunday mornings due to the previously scheduled events below:
Sunday, January 13th, Model Marathon #76 (see below window)
Sunday, January 27th, Fertile Ground performance festival (all day)
Sunday, February 3rd, Fertile Ground performance festival (all day)
Regular schedule resumes on February 10th.

Ruben’s Atelier and Hipbone Studio Present a 5 Day Drawing Tutorial

February 10th thru March 10th, Sundays 2pm-5pm $300

Ruben Arizpe, a product of 57 years of practical art experience in advertising, art direction, magazine illustration and teaching, will be leading this 5 day tutorial through the understanding and application of the Elements of Art.

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Drawings from The Wall at Hipbone

The following works were created during Hipbone’s regular and long-term pose drawing and painting sessions. Enjoy the amazing variety of artistic styles and media choices.

Model Marathon #76

9 Models-9 Hours. Sunday, January 13th, 10am-7pm. Cost – $50 all day, $30 for any 4 hour block. Registration required so please email or call 503-358-0898
Sacred Tradition? Crazed attempt to alter your reality? Maybe. Nine of Portland’s best models will be changing on the hour with an astounding variety of poses, shorter and longer.
Bring a variety of media. Come and go, get a bite, your spot is reserved. Challenge yourself!
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Hipbone Studio is a very flexible, very adaptable space for your theatrical production, musical event, rehearsal, class or workshop, photo shoot, seminar, etc..

  • 1700 sq.ft., large open rectangular hardwood floor, 34’x 50′
  • High ceiling, Great acoustics
  • Skylights and windows (covered for theatrical lighting requirements)
  • Lights and sound for performance
  • Seating for 80, Maximum-100
  • EXCELLENT LOCATION, Close-in, 1847 E. Burnside St., #104
  • Busline stops at the corner, #20
  • Wheelchair accessible

Reasonable Rates, $25-$100/hr. depending on time, frequency and type of use.

Show Rates: $275 per performance (5 hours rental time-$55/hour for extra)

Photo by Russell Young

Contact Jeff Burke, director, at 503-358-0898

Or email, hipbonejeff@hotmail.com